Return policy

Purchased goods are returned per the Law of the Russian Federation On Protection of Consumer Rights dated 7 February 1992 issued under No. 2300-1 (for legal entities - per the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), the goods can be returned subject to the following conditions:

Return of proper quality goods.

  1. A Customer has a right to refuse the ordered Goods at any time before their receipt, and after receiving the Goods –within seven (7) days, excluding the day of purchase.
  2. Return of the Goods of proper quality is possible provided that their appearance and consumer properties are preserved, and the Customer possesses the document confirming the fact of purchase and purchase conditions.
  3. The Customer is not entitled to refuse the Goods with specific individual features if the specified Goods can be used exclusively by the purchasing Customer.
  4. If the Customer refuses the Goods of proper quality, the Seller shall make a return of the amount paid by the Consumer under the contract, with the exception of the Seller's expenses for delivery of the returned goods from the Consumer, not later than 10 days from the date of the Consumer's submission of the corresponding claim.
  5. As for a food product, the Customer can return it only in case of inadequate quality.

Return of inadequate quality goods.

An article of inadequate quality implies an inability to provide its functional qualities due to a significant fault (defect/scrap).

The Customer to whom the goods of inadequate quality have been sold unless it is agreed beforehand is entitled to declare any of the following, at his or her own option:

  • Replacement with a product of a similar brand (model, article) or with the same product of another brand (model, article) with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price
  • Proportionate reduction of purchase price
  • Free elimination of defects of the goods or reimbursement of expenses for their correction by the buyer or a third party
  • Avoidance of contract and demand for refund

All the above-mentioned requirements for the return of inadequate quality goods may be submitted in the following terms:

  • For products with a warranty period — during the entire warranty period
  • For products without a warranty period — within a reasonable period, but not more than 2 years

The online store can deny to exchange the goods or make a refund if it reveals the found significant defect to be a result of the goods improper operation.

In case of any disagreement on the quality or causes of fault occurrence, the online store has the right to conduct an independent expert examination at its own expense. The Customer may participate in the expert examination and dispute its results in court.

If the examination report confirms the defects to be caused by the Customer actions, the Customer will be obliged to reimburse the online store for the expert examination expenses, as well as the associated costs.