Sbiten is an original Russian drink, first mentioned in the Slavic annals of 1128. It had been the only hot drink known in Russia before tea appeared. Unfortunately, with the later advent of tea and sugar, such a tasty and healthy drink was driven out from the Russian cuisine.

Dary Sibiri (translated as Siberian Gifts) group of companies (OOO Medovaya kompaniya) has developed a line of non-alcoholic sbitens based on natural Siberian blessings, all of which improve immunity, warm up and provide a surge of energy.

Tasting the Siberian Gifts honey sbiten, one can sense a subtle coniferous hint that sounds brightly in the play of flavors, since each beverage contains extracts of fir, cedar or sap. In addition to coniferous extracts, sbitens contain extracts of propolis, medicinal herbs, roots and berries, as well as spices. Produced at the own manufacture, extracts are made from natural Siberian blessings, harvested in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The beverage concentrate is very cost-effective. To make a cup of the beverage you only need 1-2 spoons of sbiten.

Siberian Gifts sbiten has two patents of invention for the composition and the manufacturing method.