Our advantages

  • Effective management
    At all stages from production to shipment
  • A large assortment
    Products with stable market demand
  • Delivery
    Fast delivery to any region
  • Quality
    Own food quality system

Welcome to the official online store Dary Sibiri!

OOO Medovaya kompaniya produces unique products based on Siberian gifts: natural honey; beekeeping products; forest berries; medicinal herbs and roots; conifers.

Modern, high-performance equipment and large industrial premises allow us to cooperate with large Russian and international customers. The enterprise has established collection, drying and extraction of medicinal herbs and roots, such as chamomile flowers, cornflower, yarrow, fireweed, tansy; plantain leaf, currant, raspberry, birch; nettle, motherwort, lovage, sweet clover; burdock and dandelion roots.