About us

LLC "Honey Company" (GK "Gifts of Siberia") produces unique products based on Siberian gifts: natural honey; bee products; forest berries; medicinal herbs and roots; coniferous remedies.

Modern, highly productive equipment and large industrial own areas allow to cooperate with large Russian and international customers. The company established the collection, drying and extraction of medicinal herbs and roots, such as flowers of chamomile, cornflower, yarrow, Cypress, tansy; plantain leaf, currant, raspberry, birch; nettle, motherwort, lovage, cloverleaf; roots of burdock and dandelion.

For 15 years of work the company has become No.1 in the Krasnoyarsk region on the market of healthy food, producing natural and healthful products based on honey, wild-growing plants and coniferous remedies.

Unique development of specialists made it possible to produce a masterpiece of Siberian sbitnet "Gifts of Siberia", under the brand name "Fork Doctor". Pine "note" of fir, cedar and oleoresin vividly sounds in the translations of flavor sbitnea in combination with honey, berries, herbs, propolis and spices. 

All these natural ingredients make this a perfect product, a tasty and healthy drink.


Our suppliers-beekeepers and procurers of wild-growing raw materials - for many years of joint work have become our partners, united, including in NP "Beekeepers of Krasnoyarsk" for the development of common interests and mutual cooperation.

Food quality management system (HACCP) is implemented in the company. Control and examination of the assortment of products is carried out at all stages of the movement of raw materials and finished products. Specialists of different professions involved in common useful business in production and supply of healthy food to people, undergo regular improvement of professional knowledge. The company employs a certified beekeeping products expert.

Employees are the company's main resource. Stable professional and friendly team produces and sells high-quality products awarded with multiple Russian and international awards.